Does your phone hang during important work? The operating speed of mobile becamed slow ?,It takes much time while opening images Or other media files.

If Yes, my friend, this article is like a Gem for you. Plz, read the blog carefully you will get Easy solutions for mobile hang problem.

Trust me, after following these steps, your problem will be solved definitely forever.

Nowadays, Almost all of us are using Smartphones with great features. With great RAM, Processors, Internal storage capacity but still many times we face Mobile hang problem.

Let’s talk about the main reasons of this problem .

  1. Insufficient Internal storage.
  2. Low RAM capacity.
  3. Multitasking in low RAM capacity mobiles.
  4. Undeleted Cache files.
  5. Downloading apps from unknown resources.
  6. Having the Virus in storage.
  7. Using Harmful Apps.

Now use following solutions.

1.Keep your internal storage Minimum of 20 % free.

Imagine 2 trucks ,

One is fully loaded with material and second is partially loaded

which one will run fast?

Definitely second truck, This thing is also suites for the mobiles.

If the Internal storage of the mobile phone becomes full, definitely mobile will Lag so Try to keep internal storage free as much as possible.

It is not a difficult task to do. It can be done by moving files to SD Cards, Deleting unnecessary media Note that Internal storage should have a minimum of 20% storage space free.

2.Uninstall Heavy apps and Games.

mobile hang problrm

You will get this point with seeing this Image.

What is RAM?

Imagine, we are going to travel any place. how we packs our luggage ?

We will keep our material like wallet, Cell phone material which we use mostly in our pocket, cause we can take it easy, and material we don’t need most, that we will keep in the backpack.

Here our RAM work as Our apparel pockets and ROM

Suppose your RAM as the shirt or pant pocket and ROM ( Internal storage ) as Backpack.

RAM is temporary memory used to load files for moment. When you opens a Game or App

Mobiles with less RAM and Memory are not suitable Operate the heavy Games and Apps. Heavy games Lik

2. Don’t use Android Launcher apps

It is like 6 passanger traveling in 4 seater car. which will be run slowly due to overload .

friend did you know ?

Did you launcher affects your mobile speed or not ? if “yes” then how ?

Answer is ” YES “, How ?.

Launcher apps are always runs in background, hence this type apps “consumes your RAM “.

So try to make your RAM free of space . Also some famous youtubers described how launcher slow down your mobile phone.

Here is list of some launcher.

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. MI launcher
  3. X Launcher a
  4. Super N launcher.

These are a few launchers. which are most used. if you are using this or any other without them then uninstall them immediately. If you don’t want to face a mobile hang problem.

3.Use Lite Apps –

keeping Free ROM (Internal Memory ) and RAM are the main solutions to prevent your device from mobile Hanging issue.

What is a difference between the Laptop and PC ?

even the PC and laptop does the same work but the main key difference is Laptops are smaller in size which saves space in the house.

the same condition works on your mobile phone. your mobile phone is like a home, where you want to keep lite apps than Heavy Apps.

What is meant by Lite apps?

Lite apps are apps that works almost the same as their parent apps. If they require an Internet connection they will require less mobile data. This type of apps will consume less space in your internal storage.

That’s it

we also wants this.

Every famous App developers always want to grow their users, So they think about every single user’s problem

Many of us users are using old phones, who use medium or low specified mobile phones. which will be missed if they didn’t download their apps due to heavy file sizes. Here mainly Lite apps are for these type of user.

We can use some following lite apps than heavy bulky apps

  • facebook lite
  • twitter lite
  • Instagram lite
  • messenger lite

And much more lite apps which can help us to saving our phone storage.

4. Never use Animations or Live Wallpapers.

If you are using the Low RAM mobile and a Using the Animated or Live Wallpaper in it, Then you are giving a Free invitation to mobile hang problem.

Why ?

Animated Or LIVE wallpapers are these wallpaper that runs so many processes in the background to run a single live wallpaper on your device.

These process can be reason for Lagging and,slow processes and mobile hang problem in mobile phone.

Instead of this we can use Static wallpaper or Image wallpapers. which don’t run more processes.

5. Delete cache files from the storage.

When you are using the online apps, games or Doing online works from mobile, at that time this apps or games always collects the cache files in your internal storage.

Cache files are collected to give you best experience, But at that same time, it uses your internal storage to save the file. So it is very important to clear cache files from time to time.

The over cache files in mobile will consume our internal storage. which will first step to invite mobile hang problem

We can easily delete or clear this files from setting in simple few steps –

Steps to clear cache file from setting

  1. Open Setting in mobile phone.
  2. Open Storage from the mobile.
  3. In this storage, you will see Various files types and their occupied space in your memory.
  4. Find Cache files.
  5. To clear cache files just click on this cache files on option.

After doing this steps You will feel the instant change in operating speed of your mobile.

6.Avoid Downloading apps from the Third-party Sources or unknown sources.

Google Playstore is the most trusted and safe App and Game downloading Platform. The Privacy and policies of Google Developers About the user’s device safety are very strict.

I have attached some screenshot of the Malware and and other factor policies.

As we all know, Malware can damage your device. So It is very important to make your device safe from dangerous App and Games.

Google Playstore is a safe platform for apps and games. it takes care of your device safety and privacy policies.Always download apps and from Playstore.

This are all solutions to save your mobile phone from mobile hang problem

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